Blake Proehl “Where You Need to Be”
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Blake Proehl “Where You Need to Be”


Blake Proehl released his newest song titled “Where You Need to Be.” The heart wrenching single is about facing uncontrollable challenges and being able to reflect on those challenges once you reach the other side. Proehl wants to remind his listeners that although a scenario may look insurmountable, you are “where you need to be,” and everything has a purpose.

“During my rookie season on the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL last year, a traumatic injury put me at rock bottom, accompanied by a sea of emotions.” said Proehl. “My whole life had been about football up until that point, and my only goal in life was to make it to the NFL – I was devastated and lost, questioning my purpose. Now that I’ve reached the other side of such a dark time, I realize how important it is to be a light for those in similar situations.”

Proehl is hoping that he can use his platform with the support of the Vikings and the NFL to remind listeners that there’s purpose in pain and a way to overcome it.

Listen to “Where You Need to Be” here, available on all streaming platforms.

Premiering alongside “Where You Need to Be” is the accompanying music video, available now on Blake Proehl’s Youtube. In the video, Blake is singing his new single in a small church. He is seen battling the emotions that come with the hardship he’s faced, representing the different phases of processing Proehl’s injury. At the end of the song, Blake finally understands that this journey was exactly where he needed to be.

Blake Proehl is not your typical musician. Born and raised in North Carolina, Blake comes from an NFL family – his father, Ricky Proehl played in the league for over a decade, and his brother, Austin, was drafted in 2018. During 2021 training camp, Blake suffered a season-ending ACL injury that left him couch-ridden for months. Blake’s competitive spirit did not waver during this time, but drove him to continue practicing, even in a wheelchair. Still, Blake had more time on his hands than ever, and one evening while spending time with his grandmother he decided to post a TikTok singing to her. When he woke up the next day, the video had gone viral overnight, and instant-fans were imploring Blake where the rest of his music was. After the success of his first two singles, Proehl is more eager than ever to continue making music for his fans.  

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