Brother. “EZ”

Brother. “EZ”


Brother. is an indie alternative band based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Bringing together an eclectic sound of energetic bass lines, catchy soundscapes and heavy-laden harmonies, band members Chuck Emery, Nathan Standage, Erika Goodwin, Scott Knutson and Elias Pratt deliver an infectiously charismatic, laid-back sound.

Their latest single ‘EZ’ is the result of wanting to put more honesty into their music and lyrics, creating something that felt fresh and modern while still staying true to their sound. Written over the 2020 lockdown, Emery confides, “I felt like my whole world was ending. All of our plans for touring, releases and our goals were halted. I had worked so hard on setting it all up and all of it was canceled. The uncertainty of what the future held threw me into a deep depression with intense anxiety and panic attacks. After months of struggle, I realized the best thing for me was to slow down and take it easy.”

Slow woozy drums and characterful chiming synths that run along the song, the dreamy vocals are soft and rich, floating effortlessly atop the fuzzy guitar and subtle, steady bass. The song’s aura has a hazy, chilled-out atmosphere with an underlying tone of both acceptance and pain. Finding influence in the likes of The Neighbourhood and Porches, “EZ” takes a minimal approach, soaked in vintage synth sounds and an overall warm, easy indie vibe.

Following the notion that simplicity and lyrical authenticity is the perfect combination in curating a raw tune, the band stayed true to the classic country music recipe of, “All you need is three chords and the truth.” Brother. have crafted a song that is comforting for many after the devastating effects of the pandemic, with “EZ” being the reminder to slow down and recenter yourself, as everything will be alright in the end.

The five-piece band are no stranger to being on the road, having toured through Utah, Idaho, Nevada, California, Colorado and New York, with dates set up in London and Paris. Alongside the touring hustle and bustle, Brother. have had their music placed on popular TV shows including Teen Mom 2 and Nancy Drew.


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