Camielle “Let’s Ride”
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Camielle “Let’s Ride”

Camille Alvey, aka Camielle, (“Cami-“L”) was born in Los Angeles, so it should come as no surprise that she gravitated towards the Entertainment Business. At age eighteen, she had landed a role in her first movie.

Over the next decade, Camille was Featured in more than a dozen films, several TV shows, including NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2010. In addition, she was the voice for several national TV and radio ads, IE: AT&T, TN State Lotto & Victoria’s Secret.

In 2003, she organized her own Child Abuse Foundation and a couple years later, opened the doors to her first production company. Camille relocated to Nashville in 2005, signing her third record deal with Calisee Records in 2009.

With the exception of a few cover tunes and her Country album, Camille writes, produces and performs all her own original songs. She plays piano and guitar, and has recently garnered some attention with her creative, self-made music videos.

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