Short Cuts Podcast Ep 75
Short Cuts Podcast Ep 75
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Super Plage “NYE”

Kaleidoscopic House musician Super Plage released his latest single and video ‘NYE’ on the 20th of January. The single premiered by KCRW’s Travis Holcombe. A gentle introduction to the new…
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Stefano May “Hope It Will Remind You”

Stefano is a singer, songwriter and piano virtuoso who fuses soul, pop and classical for an enthralling musical journey. The talented songwriter’s music is marked by hope, love and connection…
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Swim The Current “We Are Not The Same”

New Jersey/New York – Tri-State Super Group – Swim The Current have come together to release their next single “WE ARE NOT THE SAME” feat. Marcos Leal of III Nino. Swim the Current is a project founded…
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The Sleeping Souls “Caught Up In The Scrape”

Back with their second single to date, THE SLEEPING SOULS, have unveiled the agitated and electrifying new cut: “Caught Up In The Scrape”. Sharp as a butcher’s blade, dripping with…
woman standing in a garage

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys “Burning Building”

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys present ‘Burning Building’, the second single from their forthcoming ‘Heaving’ LP, following their first offering ‘Stereoscope’, released at the end of 2022. The full-length album…

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