Chaidura “Night Forever”
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Chaidura “Night Forever”

With 3 minutes and 36 seconds in length, “Night Forever” is the latest release by London-based, alternative rock artist Chaidura, which masterfully presents the act’s capability to create and develop emotional and affectionate soundscapes in an uniquely alternative manner!

Being one of the softest tracks in Chaidura’s discography, pleasantly showcasing his diverse sound and talent, ingeniously blending a sonically diverse set of rock sensibilities with elements of pop, electronic, topped with pulsating bass lines and hypnotizing melodies, “Night Forever” is dedicated to anyone who needs to feel the warmth that comes with companionship. It begins with synthy-effect sounding lyrics, as the pre-chorus includes a clappy build, while chorus is full blown dance-pop, with the listeners also receiving a brief interlude, comprising of an ethereal, echoed melody, followed by Chaidura’s signature scream, to add to the composition’s already vast palette of expressions. The final combination clearly indicates that the quality of the marketability of “Night Forever” is truly extensive, considering the song’s immersive and distinguishable rich, in terms of influences and ideas, nature.

Talking about the concept that “Night Forever” is based on, Chaidura himself shares directly: “Filled with themes of longing, love and loneliness, this is a tune that paints the picture of dancing alone until you are able to see your loved ones again. This is essentially a song about the process of enduring loneliness and the hopes of finally reaching our goals, be it in love or in life. I hope that Night Forever brings some comfort to people who are experiencing loneliness, as it did for me.”

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