Chris Cleverley “Nausea”
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Chris Cleverley “Nausea”

UK Dream-Folk Artist Chris Cleverley’s brand new single ‘Nausea’ showcases the bold new electronic sound from his forthcoming album.

Chris Cleverley is among a new wave of pioneering artists carving an uncharted path through the UK songwriting landscape, with endorsements from The Times, The Telegraph and BBC Radio leading to his receipt of FATEA Magazine’s ‘Male Artist of the Year’ Award fueling his rising trajectory.

‘Nausea’ is the third single from his highly anticipated new album ‘Broadcast The Secret Verse’, scheduled for release in November 2022. The album has already been making waves, with debut singles ‘Chlorophyll’ and ‘Still Life’ championed by BBC National Radio as well as multi-national cultural tastemakers V13 and Whatson Magazines. After offering glimpses of his groundbreaking new sound, Cleverley’s new release ‘Nausea’ draws audiences even further into the bold new sonic world he has created for this record.

Under the helm of producer John Patrick Elliott (The Little Unsaid/Reveal Records), the track veers drastically away from the acoustic instrumentation of his earlier work, embracing eclectic Dreampop and Electronic influences from artists like Chvrches, Kate Bush, Depeche Mode and Sufjan Stevens. Driving synths interact with ambient, rhythmic electric guitars to create an otherworldly sonic landscape, while Cleverley’s haunted whisper conveys the troubled lyrical themes.

The track is a homage to the great 20th existentialist thinkers, exploring their writing in a modern day context. Cleverley looks at the nauseating sense of isolation and detachment fueling our struggle to find meaning in an increasingly desolate and fragmented modern world. In doing so he embraces the liberating idea of looking within to define our own sense of grounding and purpose, reducing our reliance on precarious and fickle external factors. The single’s striking cover art was designed by painter Martin D Hyde, revered on the UK Songwriting scene for his work with Reveal Records, Lau and Kris Driver. His dystopian vision is the perfect accompaniment to this bold piece of music, primed for the emotional landscape of 2022.

‘Nausea’ is an anthem for those weighed down by the cosmic loneliness of 21st Century life, striving to generate their own sense of worth, in the shadow of a 24 hour media that would have us defined by dehumanizing factors like wealth, status and online presence. With its innovative production and complex narrative, this new release further cements Cleverley’s position as a vital, articulate voice of the UK Songwriting scene.

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