Clinton Tarantino and IAMNOEL “HIGHER [R3MIX]”
artist rendering of smoke-like clouds made from blue and red petals

Clinton Tarantino and IAMNOEL “HIGHER [R3MIX]”

Hailing from the Greater Northwest, Clinton Tarantino is a music producer and DJ. The now San Diego based artist seeks to leave a mark in the electronic music scene. His music draws inspiration from progressive house, deep house, melodic house, & melodic techno. By the same token, Clinton Tarantino’s music is heavily melodic and seeks to inspire his listeners. The up-and-coming artist has a talent above many in which he is able to work in multiple genres. Clinton has performed at many renowned venues across the West Coast of the United States. His vast experience and talent make Clinton Tarantino an artist to keep a close eye on.

From DJ to Artist. NOEL’s southern roots and west coast lifestyle has coined the title “ArtistDJ”. Focused on performing, creating, and producing music & media for the world to hear and see. Dance Music is his genre of choice not to leave out his other influences such as Deep House, Future House, Tech House, & Trap. NOEL like many has fallen for Electronic music and plans to make an epic impact on the dance scene. As a man of faith, his music is often inspired by his relationship with his creator. NOEL envisions reaching every human globally, harnessing the energy of music and the power of media to empower and engage the spiritual consciousness of all cultures. Most importantly, to have a dope ass time. while dancing your face off. That’s not too much to ask.

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