Covert Stations “It Must Have Been Love”
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Covert Stations “It Must Have Been Love”

For their latest ‘borrowed single’ in the series, the current line-up of Covert Stations wring out the already lilting sentiment of Roxette ’s “It Must Have Been Love” with a slow and firm twist, ensuring every last drop of their version of the song is felt. With lowered tuning and slower bpms than the original, guitarist Justin Rauschkolb (Break to Broken, Cats on Cats) chimes out dissonant, shimmering notes setting the song up for what’s to drop. The plodding, warm undertone bassist Lysa Opfer ( Overtake, Aeon Station ) glues into drummer Jason Crawford’s ( Light Tower, Driftoff ) foundation is a steady and stable one.

While they hold ground in the space between, Covert Stations’ visionary, Craig Cirinelli (The Atlantic Union Project, (Damn) This Desert Air) lays in a subdued, breathy verse, seeming like a whispered confessional. Shawn Reams ( Damn) This Desert Air ) adds layers of synth-based ambiance for an extra lush backdrop. All of this emboldened into a multi-layered, harmonic firmness as the guitars crash in for the choruses—and just wait for the end section. “We beckon you to check this version on a cold winter day—it just seems the proper way.”

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