Dar.Ra “No Time For Tears”
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Dar.Ra “No Time For Tears”

The New EP Blood N Treasure by Dar.Ra features three new tracks one ‘Cure For Jealousy’ radio mix and the ‘Well Jel’ remix, a perfect combination of Rock with that Dance flavour which has shades of Georgio Moroder mix of Heart Of Glass by Blondie and the epic ballad ‘No Time For Tears’

Timeless and eternal themes of insecurity, which we call Jealousy, the horrible fear of losing what you Love and in some cases want to control, which is when it slips into the dark side and becomes unhealthy to hold onto or be around.

The ‘Well Jel’ mix is produced by Sri Lankan Music producer Vidula who also did an epic version of ‘Lights’ which features on the ‘New Kinda Of Normal’ album and is one of the most outstanding British album releases of the past 3 years to say the least.

The other track on the EP is a masterpiece of sonic achievement titled ‘No Time For Tears ‘another journey of a track which takes on a few shapes, forms and time signature switches. Inspired by the assignation of the Romanvovs. It was at that brutal moment the family reached out for each other in an everlasting gesture, proving that Love is stronger than bullets.

All tracks will be available through all digital platforms from the end of March.

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