Deadset “Heavy Eyes”
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Deadset “Heavy Eyes”


Deadset emerged from the creative synergy between guitarist James Massey and vocalist Sam Mellors. Their collaboration gave way to a sound which evolved into a darker, more intense direction when bassist Adam Arnold and drummer Rio Campbell joined the ranks. These additions formed a fully-fledged band and elevated the indie sensibilities of the original duo into rawer, grittier realms. Striving to avoid monotony and maintain a progressive sound, Deadset focus on fluctuating in genre. But are a post punk outfit at heart. Pulling influences from Joy Division, Fontaines DC and Interpol.

New single ‘Heavy Eyes’ is a raw, vulnerable evaluation of a battle against mental health and addiction and how that bleeds into relationships leaving a devastating and fatal aftermath. The song, which was mastered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Daft Punk), fluctuates between a morbid sadness and palpitating anger, a conscious decision made by Deadset to emphasise the unpredictable, unsteady impact birthed by poor mental health. ‘Heavy Eyes’ is a staple for Deadset existing in their set from day one. It’s the song that spawned the sound and feel of the band.

‘Heavy Eyes was the first song I came to Deadset with’, says Adam Arnold. I was listening to Spiderland by Slint on repeat at this point. I wanted to recreate that jarring juxtaposition of tempos and riffs that are synonymous with their sound. Obviously in a more commercial sense. At this point however James and Sam had a completely different direction in mind. Heavy Eyes was my attempt to change that. I’m sure they hated it at first and it took a lot of persuasion. But now it’s a cornerstone of our sound and a constant reference for me’, he further explains.

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