Diana McGrane “Can I See Your Lovely?”

Diana McGrane “Can I See Your Lovely?”

Diana McGrane is a songwriter based in the Los Angeles area. Daughter of a Golden Gloves Light Heavyweight Boxing champion on her father’s side and a Mexican poet, singer, and guitarist on her mother’s, she felt she had inherited both the love for the wri;en word and the willingness to fight for her dreams. After graduating from college, working as a professional, and becoming a wife and mother, she realized that she had indeed accomplished her dreams in life, except for the one she’d had as a little girl of five years old, when she memorized all the lyrics for Harry Nilsson’s “Without You” and played it a hundred times because the lyrics were so cleverly written, or the little girl that would write a new song every time she visited Zuma beach and sang along the shallow edge of the ocean expecting the waves to sing along with her. It was the dream that had been hiding inside of her the whole time: songwriting.
Soon after recognizing her need to express herself in music, she revisited her old guitar and began strumming the chords that she’d been hearing all along, as she likes to quote, “The songs just came pouring out!”

Now she has accumulated a collection of music that is inspirational, fun, and appealing. Her first release was with friend and singer, CJ Wallace as the duo, McGrane and Wallace. Together they sang “P.C.H.” to much acclaim from various media outlets. Written by McGrane, the song was a labor of love reminiscing about days gone by at the beach.


Diana hopes to touch each person’s heart with her new release “Can I See Your Lovely?” She hopes it will inspire people to remember to cherish the time they have with the ones they love.

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