Short Cuts Podcast Ep 126
Short Cuts Podcast Ep 126
band members standing in front of a grey cloth backdrop

Sun Atoms “Ceiling Tiles”

Portland alternative pop / postmodern rock outfit** Sun Atoms present their new single 'Ceiling Tiles'.
5 male band members standing in front of a green screen

Bullets and Octane “Space Lord Symphony”

Renowned rock sensation BULLETS AND OCTANE has once again set the stage ablaze with their latest release, "Space Lord Symphony".
man standing outside on a cloudy day

HUSK “Born Again”

HUSK answers a Celtic calling with Gaelic Electrofolk; a bilingual blend of Irish trad & electronica that weaves between English and Gaeilge languages.
two men standing outside on a cloudy day

SOLAR EYES “(At Least)Paranoia Loves You”

With their eagerly anticipated debut album finally out today - SOLAR EYES - tease one of its most incendiary highlights: “(At Least) Paranoia Loves You”.
band standing in a dark room

Horizon Theory “Nowhere to Go”

Horizon Theory, the Michigan-based hard rock band, has released their latest single "NOWHERE TO GO".
woman wearing a black veil eating an apple

Magana “Afraid of Everybody”

Magana has announced ‘Teeth,’ her second album, which will be released on March 25th (to coincide with the Worm Moon’s peak illumination).
man mixing music as a DJ

Ivofonic “Same Old”

Ivofonic is musical brainchild of Ivano Abram, a multifaceted musician and producer based in Melbourne, Australia.

Diana McGrane “Can I See Your Lovely?”

Diana McGrane is a songwriter based in the Los Angeles area and the daughter of a Golden Gloves Light Heavyweight Boxing champion.
woman wearing dark sunglasses

Taylor D “Can’t Say I Love You”

Back with another single on the back of last years 'Fan Girl' EP Release, Taylor D is set to release her most mature song to date.

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