DJ Poolboi “Malo Okoma” (f. Theresa Ng’ambi)
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DJ Poolboi “Malo Okoma” (f. Theresa Ng’ambi)

Rising electronic producer dj poolboi has shared his latest single, ‘malo okoma’ featuring the award-winning Zambian singer Theresa Ng’ambi on the 4th of February 2022. The single is accompanied by a video, proudly made in Theresa Ng’ambi’s home country, and appears on his upcoming LP, stay just a little while longer which will be released on the 18th March via Unbelievably Spectacular.

Featured singer, Theresa Ng’ambi was recognized as Best Singer at the Zambia Women In Music Awards and has received major support from both BBC as well as BBC Africa.

Since the artist’s debut LP in 2020 which he released through Majestic Casual, dj poolboi has also released music via Shall Not Fade and created official remixes for Moby, yeule and Alan Fitzpatrick’s side project 3STRANGE, racking up over 55 million plays to date.

The producer has received support from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart, KCRW’s Travis Holcombe, Mr Suicide Sheep, Majestic Casual, NME, Magnetic Magazine, CLASH Magazine, Son Of Marketing, EARMILK and EDM Identity, and appeared on stage at Goldenvoice’s Splash House Festival and opened for Ross From Friends, Baltra, Chaos in the CBD, DJ Seinfeld, George Fitzgerald and park hye gin to name a few.

Born and based in Austin, Texas, dj poolboi finds inspiration in all forms of music, including experimental, indie, classical, contemporary pop and even film scores. Having focused predominantly on the realms of techno and house, this unique African-inspired collaboration can be likened to the works of Fakear, Black Coffee and Lady Zamar’s legendary vocals.

dj pooboi and Theresa Ng’ambi prove the importance of both simplicity and gratitude in their latest single. Sung mainly in the Chewa language, “malo okoma” translates to ‘a beautiful place’ – and the track was conceived as a journey of healing Theresa, where she visualized and affirmed the world in which she wanted to exist.

Thus, the captivating vocals and poignant lyrics layered over deep house tones come together to create a warm, welcoming environment. Shot in the vibrant country of Zambia, the video for ‘malo okoma’ celebrates the beauty of the landscape while highlighting the importance of appreciation for immaterial things.

Speaking of the single dj poolboi says: “I first heard Theresa’s voice when I was writing the instrumental to this track over a year ago. She is amazingly talented and I thought she was the perfect voice for this song. This album has a heavy focus on international collaborations, and I wanted to let her have the creativity to express herself and Zambian culture. Her lyrics are a beautiful representation of exactly that, and I couldn’t be prouder to be releasing this collaboration together.”

Speaking of the single, Theresa Ng’ambi says: “Sung mainly in the Chewa language, “malo okoma” translates into ‘a beautiful place’. That was in my mind while I was at one of my lowest moments in a time where I had a lot of pain from experiencing flashbacks of past tragedies. I started a journey to heal myself by giving the best positive energies to affirm a healthy world I wanted to live in. Visualising “a beautiful place” that has no war, hatred, inequality, covid, viruses or forms of pain or sadness”.

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