Drew Kelly “Seaside”

Drew Kelly “Seaside”

Drew Kelly is an emerging indie artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia. With his debut in 2020, Drew sets out to create timeless tracks with hooky melodic allure.

His debut release “Looking For Love” is out now, with another single releasing inJune.Drew Kelly is a student at Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, working toward a degree in music and technology in order to make his entry into the wild world of music. In his spare time, he enjoys contemplating what life is about and the meaningsbehind it.Drew’s influences include Tame Impala, Toro Y Moi, Yellow Days, Justice, Mac Demarco, Adeodat Warfield, Billy Uomo“Seaside” Info“Seaside is my second release. This track was inspired by nostalgic underwater video games I used to play as achild,” Drew says. “It started with just two guitars, and built on from there. It is meant to depict a sultry day at the beach.”“As for the music video, although I take my music very seriously, most people consider me to be one goofy dude, so I figuredit would give everyone a little better outlook on my personality.”“Looking For Love’’ Info“This track’s journey began when I went to make some music with upcoming producer, artist, and new friend, Chasen Smith,” Drew says. “We made the instrumental with the intention of having people dance along. I could feel after finishing it what the song was about. One week later, the melding of the heartfelt lyrics and the danceable beat occurred, and “Looking For Love” was born.”

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