Gibberish “i dreamed u”
Green Lorie and Derek-edited

Gibberish “i dreamed u”

Gibberish is the experimental-psych duo of Derek and Lorie Bromley. Formed in their spare bedroom in Arkansas before moving to Los Angeles, they started out with looping live drums through effects, with Lorie playing bass and keys and Derek rounding things out with a melody and guitar after looping some sort of distorted beat. Gibberish enjoy surrounding their songs in textured, spacey blankets, while touting a core of rhythmic, lo-fi percussive sounds anchoring the wafty synths and sparkling guitars.
“We wrote “i dreamed u” on a day where we were just cutting loose and a little delirious from the quarantine,” Derek says. “We had been listening to Tom Tom Club earlier that day while trying to throw blueberries in each other’s mouths, but mostly missing. I started goofing around with a silly, kiddish drum machine loop and Lorie immediately wanted to sing. In the time it took me to set up a mic for her she already had lyrics and a melody ready to go.”    

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