October 8, 2020

“Song Spotlight” Podcast: This Week’s Top 9 Indie Tracks (Ep. 68)

Here are this week’s top 9 indie music tracks: Alternative rock, pop-funk, experimental-psych, hard rock and synth-pop. #SupportIndieArtists #SupportTheMusic #NewMusicDiscovery

You can submit a track for consideration (below).


FEATURED ARTISTS:Dar.Ra “Rise Like The Sun”

  1. Dar.Ra “Rise Like The Sun
  2. Marcelo Deiss “Gridlock
  3. BARBUDO “Magnolia Mansion
  4. Gibberish “i dreamed u
  5. In The A.M. “Back Seat
  6. Matriarchs “Sleep
  7. KAKY “C’est pas la Peine
  8. LZYBY “Frustration
  9. Unveil The Strength “The End Of Heartache