HEALER “Bones”
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HEALER “Bones”

HEALER’s rise from a working-class fishing town is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. ‘Bones’, their third single, tells a story about the anxieties of young love and the blissful ignorance of the inevitable struggles of a doubtful soul.

HEALER are a five-piece indie rock band from Grimsby, England. They formed in January 2022 and have rapidly become one of the most popular up-and-coming bands in the area. Already receiving recognition from the likes of BBC Introducing, This Feeling and endorsements from the likes of TV Comic/Personality Lloyd Griffiths, the band have recently been in the studio and they aim to deliver a collection of songs that explore the themes of love, loss, and hope. Now about to release their third single, “Bones” is a powerful reflection of those themes and emotional ballad about the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

“‘Bones’ is a song about hope,” says vocalist Steve. 
“It’s about finding the strength to keep going, even when things are tough. We wrote it after going through a difficult time ourselves, and we wanted to share our message of hope with others. Bones addresses the fear of falling in love and the idea of it not lasting forever at the same time. The anxiety of giving yourself completely to someone but the inner need to be with them forever. Loves flickering momentary happiness being on a knife edge and enjoying your feet getting cut while you walk through it.”

HEALER had its beginnings in a warehouse practice room in the dark cold January of 2022. Five musicians, all excited and energised to make new music came together to create something original and yet steeped in a musical heritage that shaped their own eclectic musical backstories. Consisting of Steve (vocals), Kirk (guitar), Dave (guitar), Tony (bass) and Jazz (drums), their music is a blend of modern indie rock and classic 80’s cult indie characterized by Steve’s soulful vocals, Kirk’s infectious guitar riffs, Jazz’s driving drums, Tony’s melodic bass lines and Dave’s meandering guitar parts.

Their debut single, ‘Hurricane’, was released in December 2022. The song was met with critical acclaim and swiftly became a local hit. Their second single, ‘Fire’, was released in March 2023 and was even more successful than their debut, already achieving more than 10,500 Spotify streams and international playlist placements including This Feeling’s ‘Best New Bands’ playlist. The song has also been endorsed by TV Comedian/TV Personality, Lloyd Griffiths.

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