Holden Miller “Watching the Moon”
painting of a man looking up at the sky

Holden Miller “Watching the Moon”

Holden Miller doesn’t take himself too seriously — but his music is another story. When it comes to singer-songwriters with folk and pop undertones, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd, and he is up for the challenge. Holden creates music that holds a mirror to the experiences of other young people by approaching his songwriting without pretension.

Based in Los Angeles with roots in New York, he surrounds himself with a community of creators as likely to be found at house shows as they are to be playing sold-out iconic venues. He creates from a place of questioning and longing — sometimes even from the depths of existential anxiety – and his songwriting is his own personal form of therapy.

As his quickly growing fanbase continues to expand, thanks in part to an organic following on TikTok of people addicted to his covers and the samples of his songwriting shared on the platform; Holden is eager to continue sharing his craft with the world. Come join the party — everyone’s welcome here.

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