Hollywood Principle “Que Rico (featuring Mariela Contreras)”
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Hollywood Principle “Que Rico (featuring Mariela Contreras)”

Hollywood Principle is the musical duo of Elliott Sencan and Mike Ault, who blend diverse influences to create electronic influenced pop music. They share a passion for music and have developed a unique style that combines intricate beats, lush harmonies, and soulful vocals. Their innovative sound has led to features in the video games Rocket League and Fortnite. They are committed to pushing the boundaries of music and creativity and have gained a loyal following as a result.

“Que Rico came out of a writing camp we did in Big Bear back in December 2020,” the duo says. “It was a big deal for us because we hadn’t worked in person since Covid began, and some of our favorite producers came through to work with us for a weekend.

Everyone came with crazy energy and was super motivated to write something cool and different. Our friend Mariela was kind enough to lend her amazing vocal talents to the track, really elevating it and giving it lush vocals.”

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