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HANDSHAKE IN SPACE “I want some more”

Swedish EDM Artist HANDSHAKE IN SPACE Releases Hot Single "I WANT SOME MORE".
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Anonymous Swedish EDM Artist HANDSHAKE IN SPACE Releases New Single "HOLD ON".
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Listen to the indie electronic dance track by HANDSHAKE IN SPACE "I Need You Right Now".
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Handshake in Space “Nobody Else” (feat. Bouingy & LInnsy)

Listen to the indie dance track by Handshake in Space "Nobody Else" (feat. Bouingy & LInnsy).
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Allegra “Round & Round” (Tiësto Remix)

Watch the music video for the indie dance track by Allegra & Tiësto "Round & Round" (Tiësto Remix).
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Lavish Trio Karmacoda shares Remix ‘Dare (E39 Mixshow)’

Lavish band KARMACODA will be releasing a dance remix of their single ‘Dare’ by American producer E39. The remix, which premiered on Electronic Groove, will be available on the 19th…
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Mari Dangerfield “Ruins”

Watch the music video for the indie dance pop track by Mari Dangerfield "Ruins".
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Danny Blu x MORIS BLAK “Rhythm Nation 2023” (Janet Jackson Cover)

Listen to the indie EDM dance track by Danny Blu x MORIS BLAK "Rhythm Nation 2023" (Janet Jackson Cover).
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Hollywood Principle “Que Rico (featuring Mariela Contreras)”

Listen tot he indie electronic dance track by Hollywood Principle "Que Rico (featuring Mariela Contreras)".
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Kill Shelter and Death Loves VeronicaRelease Provocative New Artistic Collaboration Kill Shelter is UK based alternative artist, producer and remixer Pete Burns. His work blends elements of post-punk, darkwave and…
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MARIA Die RUHE “Equalista”

Defiant songwriter and producer MARIA Die RUHE released her debut album ENARCHY on the 23rd of February via Reduced To The Root Records. On the album, listeners will find the…
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ANDYVA “Misconduct In Love”

After my debut album I went to London last November, to record a new series of songs written by me. I recorded and am producing this with Johnny Douglas  (producer…
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Odin x Bjørn Berge “Bulletdance”

‘Bullet Dance’ is the latest single out now from upcoming Hoohahs and Cat Calls Feb 24th- a joint record from Odin and Bjørn Berge and is the result of two…
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Florian Picasso “It’s Alright”

Energetic DJ and Producer Florian Picasso released his latest single ‘It’s Alright’ on the 10th of February via the new imprint La Californie Musique. The second release under the label,…
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PLEEG “Still Friends”

Talented electronic producer PLEEG released his latest dynamic single ‘Still Friends’ on the 8th of February via Quality Goods Records. The intricate track follows his 2022 collaboration with USA producer…
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Yves Larock feat. Eve Molla “Ugly Cowboy”

A western atmosphere, like in Sergio Leone’s movies, with the deep and characteristic voice of Eve Molla, Ugly Cowboy, will immerse you in the far west , on a catchy…
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NHOAH “I Need Some”

When the beat pushes you forward, the roaring sounds and massive bass fill your ears and body, when the crowd screams and wants more, when tomorrow is far away and…
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Pieter Herweijer “Just Another Love Song”

New EDM/trance track by DJ/Producer Pieter Herweijer. Watch our latest “Short Cuts” video podcast to discover more new indie tracks.  SUBMIT A TRACK PODCAST ARCHIVES
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Yves Larock & Molie “KID”

Filled with emotion, feelings, and energy, this urban version of Kid will transport you, with the magnificent voice of Molie, and supported during the verse by his father, which creates…
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MRiver “The Sign”

MRiver is a new electronic music artist. He makes his own music. He has three songs released so far and more to come. -Official bio Watch our latest “Fastracks” video…
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Maïa Barouh “RINGO”

“AIDA” is the new album by Maïa Barouh. Aida means “between” in Japanese: between France and Japan, between the mainland and the islands, between the ancient and the modern. The…
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Sindresu “Daydream”

Rising producer Sindresu will be sharing his recently released single ‘Daydream’ via Sindresu Records. The Norwegian musician has previously had his music signed to the Swedish-American record label LoudKult and…
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NHOAH “Life Like A Breath”

NHOAH’s music epitomises the hedonistic, liberating feeling present at the birth of dance music culture. It is the soundtrack to freedom, expression of self, unity, community and sonic revolution. A…
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munro “About You”

Wistful Electronic producer munro released his latest single ‘About You’ on the 28th of October via Quality Goods Records. The song premiered on CLASH Magazine and follows the release of…
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Villows “Lucid”

Surreal House producer Villows released his latest single, ‘Lucid’, on the 7th of October via Careless Collective. Spanning a diverse range of Electronic genres, the producer’s music has accumulated approximately…
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NHOAH “Rave22”

Tech House and Techno producer NHOAH has made his name as a producer, composer, DJ, mixing engineer, record label owner and artist. To his core, NHOAH is devoted to creative…
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Sleepy Tom “This Thing Called Life”

Vancouver-based talent Sleepy Tom released the title track of his forthcoming EP, This Thing Called Life, on the 22nd of September. Fans can expect to receive the full project later…
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Silk “It’s Hot”

Classically trained musician and artist Silk had a vision… Use her many talents and creativity to write and produce music that makes a positive impact on people. As a lifelong…
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Antoine Chambe “Dangerous” (feat Lucas Cozy)

Diamond-certified producer Antoine Chambe released his debut LP, Riverside on the 3rd of June via Roy Music. On the album, listeners will find the enthralling track ‘Dangerous (ft Lucas Cozy)’…
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Niser & HeartBeatHero “Neon Light (HeartBeatHero Remix)”

I released in November 2021 the title “Neon Light” with urban and downtempo influences which is much more to synthwave lovers. HeartBeathero who is a composer and a podcaster from…
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Klangkarussell “This Love”

House legends Klangkarussell have released their next hit single, ‘This Love (Ft. Poppy Baskcomb)’ on the 7th of April via their own imprint, Bias Beach Records. The single follows their…
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NHOAH “Wonderland” feat. Komi T.

When I composed ‘Wonderland‘ I knew it was going to be a really powerful track, so I needed a really powerful artist to make it perfect. Immediately I thought of…
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Dream Tonic “I Taste”

Kristin Allen-Farmer, aka Dream Tonic, is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, singer, arranger and producer. As a classically trained pianist with an appetite for dance music, Dream Tonic’s style of approaching…
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Jakk Fynn “Let It Go”

Transmasculine Latinx pop artist Jakk Fynn has zig-zagged from lyrical jokes to hardcore with different bands and iterations of his musical career as Baughleon and the front-man for BoiGirl. Now…
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Agnes “Here Comes The Night”

Anthemic dance-pop sensation Agnes has released her latest single, ‘Here Comes The Night’ on the 1st of October. The single is the third to be taken from her upcoming LP,…
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DJ G-String “Your Love”

Rising female music producer DJ G-String has released her latest single, ‘Your Love’ on the 24th of September via GString Records. The song, which will be followed by a unique…
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Prince Paris “Speak Your Mind” ft. Wilder

Vocal house producer Prince Paris has released his latest single, ‘Speak Your Mind’ featuring rising singer Wilder, on the 24th of September via Physical Presents. The single follows the release…

NHOAH “Der Goldene Ball” (Radio Waves Edit)

For the last 2 years, NHOAH has mostly been releasing long mixes which resemble intense journeys. So requests for shorter versions of his music have been coming in; versions which…

Niser “Chronos VI (Message Version)”


Jack Trades & Kayrae “Phantoms”

Rising electronic producer Jack Trades and stunning vocalist Kayrae have released their latest single, ‘Phantoms’ on the 27th of November via Physical Presents. The producer has previously been featured in…

Felix Cartal “Harmony”

Platinum hit producer Taelor Deitcher aka Felix Cartal will be sharing the video for his latest single, ‘Harmony’. The video, directed by Kasey Lum, features the jaw-dropping movements of dancers…

NHOAH “Our House”

‘Our House’ is a 10:40 long track which starts as a house track and transforms over its whole length into a techno song. Female vocalist Ina Viola sings with joy…

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