Horizon Theory “Past Life”
4 male band members standing in a dark room

Horizon Theory “Past Life”

HORIZON THEORY NEW SINGLE/VIDEO RELEASE “PAST LIFE”. Take in the well-orchestrated mix of sound, lyrics, and vocals sitting markedly balanced, “Past Life” is a treat for the auditory hunger as it showcases excellent production from start to end.

“After a year of writing and developing our sound, we couldn’t be happier with this outcome. We’ve worked tirelessly to create a unique yet modern sound that is full of riffs, melody, and dynamics. We’ve written this music for ourselves because we love the feeling we get while playing it, and because of that we were not confined to a box or genre. There’s some rap/rock vibes, heavy metal, and modern rock moments that we were able to tie together in a way that we truly enjoy.” – HORIZON THEORY

Horizon Theory is a group of musicians that have joined together to create a soundscape for the future they envision. All of the which have cut their teeth in current or former bands and learned through the years what it takes to create a sound that will evoke emotion in listeners.

Horizon Theory has the ability to take you on an emotional roller coaster while maintaining a hard rock sound with metal elements. Meaningful riffs, groove-oriented bass, tasteful and tribal drum beats, and soaring vocals lead the path to a fresh yet familiar sound that will be a staple of this band for years to come.

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