HUSK “Born Again”
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HUSK “Born Again”

HUSK answers a Celtic calling with Gaelic Electrofolk; a bilingual blend of Irish trad & electronica that weaves between English and Gaeilge languages.

‘Born Again’ is the first Gaelic Electrofolk single from HUSK. It has all the hallmarks of Irish trad with its foot stomping pulse, the flute & whistle rolls following the fiddle which is layered on synth pads, arpeggiators, and basses, with slapping snares, kicks and toms. HUSK’s English and Irish earworm vocals provide the narrative, about how modern life means we’re disconnected from the Earth and its magic.

With themes of the divine within the Earth itself, the inexplicable connection many feel towards the Emerald Isle, and elements of Irish folklore, HUSK remains connected with Manchester’s Irish & diaspora community, and was recently part of an RTÉ Radio 1 feature ‘Manchester’s Irish Heart’, talking about furthering Irish music. However, HUSK always feels the pull of Béal Feirste, often returning to an Chulturlann to brush up on their Gaeilge!

With a history as a synthpop songster, (heard on BBC 6Music, Gaydio, Amazing Radio, Sirius XFM), they use their love of 80’s synths, ear worm melodies, and pushing beats, with the unmistakable slides, rolls and the foot stomping pulse of traditional Irish music, for a unique offering of contemporary electronic music production, folk and trad. HUSK works with revered Irish musicians and Gaeilgeoirí (Irish speakers), including flute & whistle player Jacquelyn Hynes, violinist India Shan Merrett and piper/Irish language advocate Cormac Buzz O’Bríain, who lend their experience & knowledge giving verve and authenticity.

In their own words, HUSK states:
“I really wanted to listen to some Irish trad, but was so in the mood for some electronic beats & synths too, but it didn’t exist; so I made it! Everytime I say that I make Gaelic Electrofolk, people are so curious, but I work with some incredible Irish talent, and I promise, it works.

‘Born Again’ puts me in a good mood whenever I play it. It has so much energy. I’m so so excited that there’s Gaeilge on the track! I’m English born, but I owe it to my ancestors, to my heritage, to my friends, and the community to help spread the Irish language and honour traditional Irish music.”

-Official bio

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