Insolace – “maybe its just me?”
4 band members sitting in front of a wall

Insolace – “maybe its just me?”

Providing immersive, magnetic and captivating atmosphere through its enthralling essence, “Maybe It’s Just Me” is the latest installment (following the expressive “Calm”) of Insolace’s notable creativity, which continues to establish the formation’s undeniable talent to present emotionally-charged and engaging compositions.

Embracing musical influences outside any specific immediate genre, this single overflows with masterfully and tastefully composed music elements, interesting grooves and developments throughout its entirety, keeping the movement intriguing and enticing by utilizing atmospherically layered guitar work and emotionally charged and imposing vocal lines, all polished with an impeccable production.

“Maybe It’s Just Me” clearly brings a certain poignancy establishing Insolace’s sound by raising, channeling and maintaining an impressive amount of significant approach and truly manages to certify Insolace’s talent as a factor that will be definitely strongly considered in the alternative scene.

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