Jakk Fynn “Let It Go”
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Jakk Fynn “Let It Go”

Transmasculine Latinx pop artist Jakk Fynn has zig-zagged from lyrical jokes to hardcore with different bands and iterations of his musical career as Baughleon and the front-man for BoiGirl. Now pursuing his own path as an artist, Jakk releases emotive and moody pop songs with catchy hooks and brings high energy performances to pride festivals and concert venues across the country. His name?

As Jakk says, “I found out that Jack was once used as an informal way to refer to a generic man or fellow, which serves as an affirmation to myself that I’m just another man. Fynn is inspired by the character Finn from Adventure Time, whose kind, brave, and morally sound traits match that of Jakk’s own unassuming nature.

Jakk Fynn released his newest single today, “Let It Go” — his first track since “Future Lover” earlier this year. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, Jakk suddenly found himself without his salvation: live music. Like many, Jakk was struggling with the impacts of social isolation. His newest single “Let It Go” is about the push-and-pull of emotions that comes from longing for social interactions, while learning to accept the current state of affairs.

Jakk wrote this track in early quarantine when the isolation and loneliness really started to hit him. “Like a lot of people, the lack of socializing in person really impacted my mood. I’ve always struggled with ‘fitting in,’ and I’ve found that communal spaces can be therapeutic and provide a sense of belonging,” he explains. “’Let It Go’” memorializes the darker side of my quarantine experience into an uplifting mantra.”

As a LatinX, Transmasculine person, Jakk knows the struggles of isolation all too well. Growing up, his fundamental conservative family was unsupportive of his orientation, and Jakk credits music with helping him find peace. To Jakk and many others who struggle with identity, music can offer an unprecedented feeling of connection and understanding. Listening to ‘Let It Go’ truly gives this connected, personal feeling Jakk strives for in his music.

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