Jasper Sommer “Memento”
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Jasper Sommer “Memento”

English musician, record producer, and singer-songwriter Jasper Sommer is set to share the accompanying video to his recently-released single, ‘Memento’, on the 1st of December 2023 via EFG Records Oy. The music video precedes the release of Jasper’s EP in January 2024. Jasper has received support from publications such as COMPLEX UK, NOTION Magazine and Numéro Magazine, and Earmilk, drawing comparisons to the likes of Four Tet and James Blake.


Born in Derbyshire, England, and currently based in Hollola, Finland, his father was a huge lover of all music, exposing Jasper to an array of quality sounds from an early age. After picking up his brother’s guitar to play Blink 182 songs, he knew he wanted to pursue a life in music. Forming a band at the age of eleven with two close friends, the boys created their own songs and performed covers of Blink 182. Inspired by Zodiac’s production on The Weeknd’s first EP,  he started playing around with GarageBand, his first foray into music production.


‘Memento’ is a dark and introspective ambient track with bright expressive drumbeats and experimental sound-designs. Produced by Jasper himself, his languid but sharp vocal delivery is almost reminiscent of a pop melody, but it is carried by a driving but measured hip hop rhythm. The song’s production showcases his unique approach to a genre-bending hit. Sommer’s lyrics delve into attachment, happiness and alienation.


The accompanying music video begins with an intimate portrait of Jasper brooding in a sunlit bedroom, the light and shadows moving beautifully as he sings and pores over some polaroids. The video moves between these bedroom scenes and shots of Jasper and EMMI IIDA driving languidly across the desert landscape of Joshua Tree, California. The video is intimate, exquisite and tender, beautifully complementing the song.


Jasper Sommer shared: “The video is inspired by Christopher Nolan’s 2000 classic film of the same title, ‘Memento’. Following the protagonist through nostalgic memories, [it was] filmed in the landscapes of the Joshua Tree, California.”

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