JESSICA WILDE “Kissing My Best Friend”
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JESSICA WILDE “Kissing My Best Friend”

London singer/rapper and producer Jessica Wilde has had a huge 2022 pulling out all the stops on her acclaimed debut album ‘Sober,Wasted,Wasted,Sober’, released earlier in the year and heats things up again with a winter jam blaster entitled ‘Kissing My Best Friend’.

 As Jess continues to embrace support from all the right quarters at Spotify and BBCRadio 1, Complex, Clash, 6 Music and 1Xtra among others she shows up again with an undeniable dance floor and bedroom bouncer which not only gets you moving but lyrically also gets you thinking about today’s gender norms, sexuality and other taboo’s as she keeps breaking down barriers through generously and openly sharing her deepest desires and thoughts in the most irresistible ways only a true pop legend in the making can.

 Through her brutal honesty, sharp witted lyricism and evocative singing vocals, ‘Kissing My Best Friend’ is a journey into the depths of Wilde’s mind, holding us on the edge of our seat with a cinematic musical backdrop and South London grit as she’s… ‘Thinking of Kissing her best friend’. These are the kind of thoughts most wouldn’t dare to share or speak out loud, but Wilde’s bravery wants for nothing as she continually holds nothing back.

 Of the single Jessica says, “This song is exciting for me as it’s my first self-produced release. As a female artist it feels really good to be seen not only as a voice but also as a producer. ‘Kissing My Best Friend’ is a very personal tune but hopefully my best friends won’t figure out which of them it’s about haha!”

 Wilde is not only busy releasing groundbreaking music but also selling out shows at the Iconic Hootananny Brixton and Laylow with her rapidly expanding brand and event ‘PxSSY PWR’ in which she spotlights the most exciting female talent around! She also just landed an Ad Campaign with ADIDAS as the voice for a new women’s running trainer featuring all the top female athletes from around the world.

 Wilde has collaborated with the likes of Rudimental and watch out for new tracks coming soon featuring Wilde from house legend Todd Terry and producer, DJ Carly Wilford.

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