Kaitlin Stark “the way down”
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Kaitlin Stark “the way down”

Kaitlin Stark released her third single, “the way down,” an emotional tune about going through the climbs and descents of life. The soft melodies of “the way down” resonate with listeners by detailing the different rites of passages of life, such as grief, a breakup, or leaving a hometown. While these tasks can feel like second nature to some, Kaitlin reminds us that through tough times, they can be difficult.

The inspiration for “the way down” came to Kaitlin while listening to Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb” through a more analytic lens than she had before. While many people focus on the ascending journey and pinnacle of a (literal) climb, Kaitlin didn’t neglect the path downwards. Retiring from a gorgeous spectacle, like the view from atop a mountain, is comparable to changing environments in life. It’s scary to come down, and even though you may look into the past, your healing starts once you’ve completed your descent.

Singer-songwriter, Kaitlin Stark, is in the business of creating something that didn’t previously exist, and is especially interested in doing so thoughtfully and emotionally. She’s been writing since she was a teenager and has been playing guitar and piano even longer.

Kaitlin explores big questions in her music, poking at the existential ideas of “why are we here?” She perceives introspection and sadness as good and necessary things, and believes that a tear jerking reaction is one of the best reactions someone could possibly have to her music. It’s a moment of connection to her, and creating a space where people can experience that kind of release is her favorite part about writing music.

If the honesty of Taylor Swift were to cross with the emotional touch of Phoebe Bridgers and the sonic savviness of Julia Michaels in a song, it might sound something like what Kaitlin strives to create as a writer. Words and phrases are her jumping-off points — a passing comment or greeting from a stranger might just turn into her next great track.

She believes that even if only a handful of people hear her work, it still matters if it meant something to them.

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