Kenzie Cait “congratulations”
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Kenzie Cait “congratulations”


Singer-songwriter Kenzie Cait has released “congratulations” – an upbeat pop track about finally letting go of a relationship to preserve one’s self worth, and celebrating the empowerment of moving on. This song will have fans screaming along, and is just in time for the summer season.

Talking about the song, Kenzie said “‘congratulations,’ a confident anthem and the first single from my sophomore EP, is about finally giving up on a long-dead relationship. The self-deprecating statement of ‘you win, I lose, good luck, goodbye’ is a tongue-in-cheek way to say that by ‘letting them win,’ you are realizing your own worth.”

Building on the success of her Columbia-released viral hit “don’t break my,” Kenzie Cait is set to captivate audiences with a comprehensive North American tour kicking off in July for her EP. Fans can look forward to new merchandise and more, so stay tuned!

Listen to “congratulations” here, available on all streaming platforms now, with a music video due in the coming days.

For more information on Kenzie Cait and her music, visit, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Kenzie Cait makes the kind of music that prompts the listener to think, “How did she put what I’m feeling into words?”

As a guitarist and writer who was told she began humming melodies before she could speak, music is truly embedded into Kenzie Cait’s DNA. With more and more people clamoring for music in the vein of Lizzy McAlpine, Olivia Rodrigo, and the blueprint of Taylor Swift, Kenzie has arrived just in time.

Kenzie Cait makes music to be shared, whether in the form of a live concert or a friend DMing a streaming link. Her music has a communal sense of understanding to it, paramount to Kenzie’s vision for her artistry going forward. She’s a fan’s fan through and through; she herself has spent her life loving those who inspire her. Now, she’s ready to step into the spotlight herself.

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