Laguna Goons “Teachers”
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Laguna Goons “Teachers”

Spanish indie-rock band – LAGUNA GOONS – have shared the title-track from their new EP ‘Teachers’.

A fuzzy and fired-up track that teeters on the anxiety-inducing line between grunge-laden garage rock and anthemic indie, “Teachers” sees writhing earworm hooks jostle with infectious, reverb-laden riffs and sharp storytelling.


Written in the wake of the band’s experiences teaching English in local schools, the band share of the new track:


“Everyone bitches about teachers they’ve had, until they become one. I wish I’d had me as a teacher. I wish I’d had a punk for an English teacher.”


“Teachers” also arrives alongside a nostalgic new video, which captures the angst and agitation of the band’s live performances alongside the mundanity and frustration that comes along with day-to-day life as a teacher.

Pioneering a new wave of indie-rock in their native Spain, Laguna Goons have forged a musical identity heavily inspired by the UK music scene with hints of everything from nostalgic Britpop to garage rock, grunge and modern post-punk creeping into their distinctive sound.


The title-track of the band’s new ‘Teachers’ EP, the latest release is one of four brand new tracks featured on the extended release alongside  “Locked Up”, “Instinto Natural” and “Runaway Massacre”, the latter of which recently received airplay from John Kennedy on Radio X.


Laguna Goons are Thiago Pesaresi Gomez (vocals, lead guitar), Pablo Rodríguez Benítez (guitar), Wouter Bruins (drums) and David Jakobi (bass). Taking inspiration from the UK indie music scene — and one of the only bands in Spain to be making their distinctive brand of indie-rock — the four-piece describe their sound as “danceable nervous garage with grunge and Britpop references.”


Having played at venues across their home country, the band have also appeared at a range of festivals including Bilbao BBK Live, Cala Mijas Festival and BIME Live, alongside their debut UK tour this Autumn featuring live shows in Bristol and London.

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