Lasse Matthiessen “Dreams Don’t Make Noise”
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Lasse Matthiessen “Dreams Don’t Make Noise”

Lasse Matthiessen releases romantic electronic gem ’Dreams Don’t Make Noise’

In Lasse Matthiessen’s “Dreams Don’t Make Noise”, he sings of looking out over to Sicily’s warm, dry sienna-coloured earth. He sings about the grapes that grow from the ground and about the sweet wine he and a mystery lady friend had in the evening. Wine made from the grapes. While he looks at her, who ”sucks the light out of the day and glows like the full moon at night”.

He sings of how they could sing their dreams out into the night or let them wither in the darkness of the silence. Because that’s how dreams die. If you don’t go after them.

But Lasse wants to go back and be there with her. Or maybe he was never there – as he sings in the chorus, “Dreams don’t make noise when they die they just fade. It is only a dream”.

Lasse’s dark, deep and rich vocals alone in the verse with only pumping synth bass. From the verse and into the pre-chorus, where the clear synth adds color to the chorus’s explosion of choirs, beats and the heavy deep sub-bass while Lasse sings. We have to let ourselves dream and follow the dreams until they swallow us.

In “Dreams Dont Make Noise”, the singer finds himself in a place that could be Sicily. It could be the South of France or elsewhere. A place where the dry sienna-colored soil is the fertile ground for the grapes grown there and is the ingredient in the sweet red wine he drinks in the evening in his dream when he sings:

“And you can kiss me if you like.

We can play the piano downstairs

Could sing dreams into the night

or let them fade”

In “Dreams Don’t Make Noise”, the “dream” of what Lasse hopes will happen, the dream of what has happened and what will never happen, flows together. It’s another excellent electro-indie banger from this hotly tipped artist, that’s flecked with melancholy and romance and it is also the title track of Lasse’s forthcoming new album.

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