Last Breed “Whiskey Train”
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Last Breed “Whiskey Train”

Last Breed are a hard/heavy rock n roll band taking inspiration from legendary 70’s rockers such as Thin Lizzy and UFO, as well as 80’s and NWOBHM acts such as Riot and Saxon.

The band features veterans of the East Coast (USA) rock and metal scenes, as well as the introduction of London Fowler, a killer young guitarist from the Philly area. Last Breed plans to release their debut album, “Devil To Pay”, which was produced by Carlos Alvarez in Summer 2023. Drums were recorded and engineered at Orange Termek Studio, Budapest, Hungary by Jànny Dominik in early 2022.

The remainder of the album was recorded and mixed at Dirty Viking Audio throughout 2022, and Mastered at Tower Studios in France by Brett Caldas-Lima in early 2023.

Last Breed are:

  • Robert Ballinger Jr (Power Theory) – lead and rhythm guitar
  • Caesar “Czar” Ettore (Season of Mourning) – lead vocals
  • Alan D’Angelo (Power Theory,Everdawn)- bass Anthony Stahl (Silent Assasins, Dead Risen) – keyboards
  • London Fowler – lead and rhythm guitar
  • Màrton Veress (Armageddon,Orgy, Davey Suicide) – drums (studio)
  • Dan Prestup -(Everdawn, Dead Risen, Spyder Rockets) drums (live)

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