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Rising London alt-pop artist – Le Junk – releases his rich and reflective new single: “Some Monkeys”. 

Upping the ante with his slick and seductive blend of sleazy disco-rock and glitzy electronica, “Some Monkeys” glints like a jagged shard of a cracked glitterball left abandoned under hazy lights. With arresting tongue-in-cheek lyrics that recall Lynks, and sticky, sensual grooves reminiscent of Confidence Man, the new track sees razor-sharp guitar licks clatter against hot and heady basslines and a flurry of synths. 

A testament to his knack for creating late-night dancefloor anthems laced with an unspoken and unnerving edge, “Some Monkeys” finds the artist wondering whether social evolution is always on our side… As Le Junk muses:

“”Some Monkeys” is about evolving in a different way to others around you, and feeling content with being a bit out of place.”

Self-recorded and produced at Le Junk’s home studio, the track also comes alongside a bizarre and beguiling official video directed by the artist and filmed amidst various crowded landmarks in the centre of London. Watch the video here.

“The video features me wandering about town dressed as a lonely monkey,” Le Junk explains. “I wanted to capture this sense of alienation and disconnect in a real, literal sense and thought what better way to do this than to dress up like a monkey and go about daily life.”

Taking cues from the bass and beat-driven styles of artists like Peaches and Hot Chip, Le Junk’s hedonistic brand of alternative electronic-pop is strewn with stories of sleazy misdemeanours and darkly sardonic humour.

Having previously fronted acts Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux and Big & The Fat, he parted ways with those projects with ideas of creating new material under a solo moniker. Initially constructing demos on a bass and drum machine, he soon began shaping and styling a canon of material of his own identity. Choosing to surface amidst the mayhem of 2020 as Le Junk, his debut solo single “Rich Romance” pointed to a refreshing new artist that spelled-out that there’s always space to have some fun. 

Releasing a succession of highly addictive, genre-bending singles ever since, including the Independent and BBC 6 Music-backed “Midnight Lover”, “Some Monkeys” arrives as Le Junk confirms he is working on a debut EP for release early next year.

His fuzzy blend of sharp alt-pop and slick electroclash has gained praise from the likes of The Line of Best Fit, Wonderland and Earmilk, with Clash lauding him “a digi-pop daydream” who finds “the perfect fusion of light and dark underneath an alt-pop chassis.”

An active member of London bands Human Music and White Devil Disco, Le Junk has also begun to take his own project to the live stage for the first time. 

Performing live as a 5-piece band, the shows have seen Le Junk quickly making waves across London, with the band recently supporting the likes of Deadletter, Opus Kink, and Alien Tango. With further support slots confirmed throughout the coming months, Le Junk are due to play their first London headline show in early 2023.

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