Light Grey “Haunted”
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Light Grey “Haunted”

With an undeniably melodic and strongly memorable nature, based on a dynamic, moving and emotionally-induced character, “Haunted” is the latest release by alternative/pop-punk duo Light Grey that encourages repeated listens due to the adrenalizing effect of its founding components and the showcased by the formation attention to detail and artistic intuition in their composition and execution.

By utilizing compelling, versatile vocal lines and elements and similarly crafted, direct instrumental aspects, all outlined by the pedantically precise production, Light Grey manages to perfectly exude the group’s strongest and most distinguishable aspects with “Haunted”, as well as to further indicate the quality and the essence of the content that is yet to be generated by the formation, which is only further emphasized by the very specific and spooky atmosphere, created by the characteristic location, which the accompanying video is filmed at.

Addressing the missive and the influence behind “Haunted”, Light Grey shares: “The track is about the personal connection we have to particular songs and how we relate to them at certain times in our lives. Music can call to mind memories of people and events that have gone by in a really vivid memories, this track is about how it can be hard to listen to songs that remind you of people and difficult times that you would rather forget. The video was filmed in an abandoned asylum in rural Ireland. It really ties into the spooky vibe of the track. Some people say that it is haunted and we thought that was especially fitting for the song. It was the quintessential urban exploration experience that we have always longed to include in a music video. It was truly a surreal experience exploring the building, since the place was like a maze and noises would just happen at random times, which very much helped for the creation of the atmosphere of the final product!”

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