Little Tealeif “Pedestal People”
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Little Tealeif “Pedestal People”

Out 18th November on indie label Not Saints, Little Tealeif’s new single ‘Pedestal People’ is a brooding earworm of a debut. Taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Charcoal’ (out 25th November) Little Tealeif blends elements of dance, rock, hip-hop, and pop with the mastery of producers like Mark Ronson or Rick Rubin.

 Currently based in Kent, the multi-instrumentalist, producer, and lyricist’s music is easily relatable and tackles modern themes such as isolation, inadequacy, addiction, and self-belief; all delivered with perfectly crafted genre-bending skill.

 Having discovered guitar bands in his early teens, Little Tealeif’s passion and fascination for all things music was instant and he quickly became a prolific songwriter. After spending time traveling in Australia in his 20s, Little Tealeif returned to the UK and founded his first band with dreams of making music his life. Sadly, alcohol and drugs were becoming a regular feature for Little Tealeif and he relocated to Paris in a desperate bid to reinvent himself.

Finally, after a chaotic ten years, in which music barely featured, Little Tealeif returned to the UK and checked himself into rehab. Today, he is clean and sober, making music again, and loving life.

 Speaking about the upcoming release of ‘Pedestal People’, Little Tealeif said: “Pedestal People was written about acquaintances who had their lives together and I was a little bit jealous of that. I’ve come to learn that nobody has their lives together and it’s just a perspective on that situation of comparing ourselves to each other.”

 When asked about what listeners will take from his music, Little Tealeif said: “I hope people take joy from it and that they can understand the layers and the messages in the songs. I hope they can also see that I’m a bit tongue in cheek, a bit jokey, and don’t take myself too seriously.”

 Little Tealeif’s new single ‘Pedestal People’ is out on 18th November on all major streaming platforms. The debut EP ‘Charcoal’ will be released worldwide on 25th November 2022.

 Little Tealeif is the stage name of 33-year-old songwriter and producer Shaun Hinton. Stepping out from his studio after spending time meandering through the streets of Paris, Little Tealeif has returned to Kent with a focus – to make gritty and intricate electropop.

 Playfully sober lyrics, underlined by subtle dance grooves, are woven together with threads of indie guitar. Little Tealeif might not be too out of place on a bill with Hot Chip or Metronomy.

 The multi-genre artist has had several different projects over the years, periodically backed by other musicians. However, he is ultimately a solitary creator and is moving forward with his brand of “new wave” as well as producing underground beats for UK rappers.

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