Lloren “Like this”
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Lloren “Like this”


LLOREN is a burgeoning pop star whose infectious and epic music you have probably heard already, but not actually known it yet. With tracks appearing recently in Greys Anatomy, The L Word, 1923, Wish, The Company You Keep, Made In Chelsea, Love Island UK & USA and more, LLOREN’s music has been moving its way gradually into the wider consciousness, setting the stage for her emergence as the next alt-pop force of nature.

Her rich, versatile vocal, emotional melodies and cinematic, powerful contemporary inspired compositions have been embraced heavily by the sync/TV/trailer music world since her 2019 debut single ‘Into The Fire’, which also saw her invited to join American artist Fleurie on her first European tour. During the tour, she caught the eyes of promoters who invited her back to open for household names Johannes Oerding and Michael Patrick Kelly.

In the UK, LLOREN is no stranger to the annual PRIDE celebrations having played both Manchester and London where she headlined the women’s stage and has entertained crowds over 10000. She has also toured with Canadian artist Mauvey with whom she collaborated with on the track ‘Pillow’, performing it at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend as well as the Isle Of Wight Festival 2023.

LLOREN, aka Lauren Bannon, is now set to move forward with her own artist project again with single ‘Like This’ dropping ahead of a string of new single releases, plus an album on the cards.

‘Like This’, with its relatable lyrics and nostalgic 80s-inspired anthemic sound, was produced by Anna Schulze (Ingrid Michaelson, Lissie, Aloe Blacc) who LLOREN bonded with over their shared love of Winona Oak and Leon. The track is about wanting the ‘magic,’ and once you’ve had a taste of that good life, knowing you can no longer settle for anything less than extraordinary. It’s about knowing something exceptional exists and holding out for it.

Amid the uncertainty of our own times, the video for ‘Like This’ is set in a mid-century alternate reality, where the world faces impending chaos. Our protagonist’s quest for love with an unlikely counterpart becomes a poignant question on the importance of escapism during tumultuous times. The film captures the essence of seeking solace and connection amidst uncertainty, highlighting the timeless human need for unconventional sources of comfort and escape. Through its visually captivating blend of retro aesthetics, the video combines surrealism and nostalgia, challenging conventional notions of connection through a humorous lens. While visually stunning, this piece does not take itself too seriously, it’s a fun story of love as the end of the world draws near.

On the video, LLOREN explains, “Initially the video concept was a quirky idea I had about falling in love with a mannequin at the end of the world. I pitched it to my very talented director friend and his weird mind met mine, and so the post-apocalyptic retro dream that is ‘Like This’ was formed.”

“My Character Lloretta, is a die-hard romantic who is determined to avoid reality with escapism in the most theatrical ways. I relate to her very much and her need to seek out a little magic in these uncertain times”, she further explains.

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