LZYBY “Frustration”

LZYBY “Frustration”

LZYBY is smashing his way through the contemporary space with his new synth-pop banger ‘Frustration’. Released on the 25th September, this track cements the singers name deep, and it is clear to see why it is already sending a shockwave far and wide.
Hailing from London but studying in Oxford, LZYBY delves deep into his post-genre sound on this piece. So much so, he has come up with a track which pushes progressive pop back to the vanguard. Also, the London musician cleverly fuses a myriad of influences including musical theatre into his mix, which makes one heck of a refreshing musical cocktail. ‘Frustration’ comes with memorable hooks and a rhythm which will have you tapping along instantly. Also, vocally, LZYBY radiates with conviction, and his melody will knock you off your seat with its nail-biting delivery. So looking for the finest modern pop? Look no further than ‘Frustration’ by LZYBY.

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