Maga Córdova “Vuelvo A Volar”
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Maga Córdova “Vuelvo A Volar”


After five uninterrupted weeks at the top of the charts with her song “Mil Gracias (KARMA)”, acclaimed artist Maga Córdova releases internationally today her latest single: “Vuelvo A Volar” (HIGHLIGHTER).
In this new production, Maga continues to explore themes of female empowerment and resilience, capturing the spirit of rebirth after adverse emotional experiences.

The music video, filmed in Miami under the direction of talented Brazilian director Bruna Torralba and her team, perfectly complements the energy and passion of the song. With immersive choreography and captivating visual aesthetics, the video promises to captivate audiences around the world.

“Vuelvo A Volar” (HIGHLIGHTER) fuses techno elements with pop sounds, creating a unique listening experience. The lyrics were written by Maga herself along with Elvis Casagrande, Israel Sacta, Miguel Angel Urrego (AKA MLG) and Carlos Sanchez. The latter two were also in charge of the production, who guarantee an impeccable, catchy and striking sound.

The exclusive international release of this exciting single was presented on Telemundo ‘s morning show ‘Hoy Dia’, where Maga Córdova once again demonstrated her versatility and talent. With an energetic performance and seductive choreography, the artist won the applause and respect of the audience, who praised her performance in enthusiastic comments.

With “Vuelvo A Volar” (HIGHLIGHTER), Maga Córdova reaffirms her position as one of the most prominent figures of the Ecuadorian music scene, making it clear that her talent and influence continue to rise.

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