Matty Shreds “Into The Unknown”
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Matty Shreds “Into The Unknown”

Matty Shreds is a multi-instrumentalist from Ontario, Canada. After years of developing his technical guitar skills & writing capabilities, he’s actively building his career as an artist. Matty is on the official roster of EMG Pickups, InTune Guitar Picks, & SIT Strings.

“It’s still crazy to me that I am on a roster that’s filled with such iconic players. As a fairly unestablished artist, these dudes didn’t have to do this. It inspires me so much that huge companies like this still believe in new artists & up and coming talent.” – Matty

Growing up, Matty watched Lukas Rossi on Rock Star: Supernova. After an amazing victory, Lukas went on to front Tommy Lee’s supergroup. Over the years Lukas has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry, and later this year he has a song coming out with Three Days Grace.

Matty & Lukas connected in 2017 for a short tour run in Ontario, Canada. After a successful tour and evident chemistry, the two become extremely close. Following up on multiple collaborations on Rossi’s latest record “Autonomic” — an album dedicated to Matty’s health condition called Dysautonomia, the two are back at it with “Into The Unknown” and they didn’t hold back!

Along with the originality that Into the Unknown offers, this song is going to spark nostalgia for listeners of older Thirty Seconds To Mars, Saosin, Deftones, & artists alike.

“Into The Unknown is special. It’s one of the best songs I’ve ever been a part of. There’s a vulnerability to this track that I haven’t shown in previous releases. It comes from an extremely real place, and I think people will feel that.” – Lukas Rossi

Matty is currently in the process of writing his own album called “Mind Games”, set to be released later this year. The album will be a fusion of Rock, Metal, and Ambience.

“Into The Unknown” is now available on all digital stores/streaming services.

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