Mom Rock “Bullseye”
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Mom Rock “Bullseye”

Canadian-American indie rock outfit Mom Rock, are “ one of the most eclectic bands in the alternative scene right now, so it’s no surprise that they’re exemplary for ’80s-derived influence. The group brings nostalgia from multiple angles, scratching both those power-pop and rock itches simultaneously. “ (Alternative Press)

Making waves and grabbing the  attention of_ Rolling Stone, Allston Pudding, Alternative Press, Sound of Boston, Clunk Magazine, Aesthetic Magazine, and more, the group announces “Bullseye” premiered via , follow up to their critically acclaimed 2022 EP Bases Loaded,_ and produced by Sean O’Keefe (Beach Bunny, Fall Out Boy, Plain White T’s).

They also have appeared at  The Rock Boat 2023. With nothing but organic grassroots efforts, Mom Rock have surpassed 5,000,000 streams on Spotify alone and have reached a global audience of over 600,000 listeners. They’ve released four EPs to date and have been slated to play on stages of festivals like Shaky Knees (2023,) Mile of Music (2023,) Osheaga (2020,) Music Midtown (2021,) and The Rock Boat (2021 and 2023) as well as having recently been featured as Rolling Stone’s Hot Band in their 2022 Hot Issue.

Mom Rock are based in Austin, Texas, and are currently available for any Little League games you need players for.On the upcoming single, the band states:  “‘Bullseye’  is a rose-tinted middle finger held up to “the haters,” an anthemic rejection of all of the expectations and assumptions made by others about us as both artists and humans.

Stylistically, it is a funky departure from our typical free-flying rock n’ roll, complete with undulating synthesizers, angelic falsetto vocals, and a harp sample, but still gets the proper Mom Rock treatment with a ripping guitar solo to send it all home. We believe that this track would appeal to audiences of Portugal. The Man and Vulfpeck, while also delighting our core indie rock mainstay audience.”

-Official bio

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