Monster Taxi “Field of Dreams”
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Monster Taxi “Field of Dreams”


From the very first notes, “Field of Dreams” by Monster Taxi – the brainchild of Miami composer, producer, and musician, Jason Klein – elicits a primal, deep-seated emotion that lives within the heart of humanity. This captivating piece, which is both an extraordinarily well-done video and a song, pays homage to Klein’s travels with his daughter to parts of Midwest America and the memories they created and shared exploring their own field of dreams.

Anyone hailing from this heartland knows full well the wondrous, magical feeling of wandering through corn fields. There is a certain excitement and enchantment about those neat, orderly rows that is quite unlike any other feeling. These are the fields of life that feed not only the body, but the mind and soul as well. These are the fields that feed us all. In the video, this particular ambiance is perfectly captured by award-winning cinematographer and director, Daniel Barrocas, who produced the video.

The piece incorporates a poem by the late Mary Howitt which integrates beautifully into the composition and video. The poem is narrated by Miami based actor, singer, songwriter, recording artist, model, voice and piano teacher, Kahra Keyes, who interestingly enough, grew up in the Midwest and went to college in Iowa. Kahra also appears in the video along with Jason Klein, his daughter, Shelby Klein, and Brian Scheinhoft, who plays acoustic guitar on the track. The mesmerizing keyboard-based music was composed and performed by Jason Klein. Drums by Aaron Glueckauf add the quintessential “heartbeat.”

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