Native Sons “Drama”
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Native Sons “Drama”

Louisville, KY: Building on the success of last year’s debut album released on High-Vol Records, rock group Native Sons has dropped new music. “Drama,” the first single from their forthcoming album “Shadow Head,” is now available on most streaming services with an accompanying video available on Vevo/YouTube.

Overcoming numerous challenges, including the passing of High-Vol Records founder and CEO Bill Chavis last fall, the band has continued to perform live, developing a reputation for high-energy performances while writing and recording new original music that listeners love. For instance, the video for Native Sons’ most recent single, “Drama,” released on April 2nd, 2022, accumulated thousands of views almost immediately and continues to add views daily, confirming the band’s ability to produce worthy musical content for a supportive and continuously growing fanbase.

Native Sons’ performance of “Drama” delivers powerful lyrical content mixed with their modernized yet old-school sound to draw listeners of all demographics. “Drama” is a straightforward rock song with southern and blues-rock elements that come together to create an undeniable catchiness and groove.

“Drama” showcases singer Ashton Blake’s soaring, Ronnie James Dio-Esque vocal style. The song explores its namesake—the sign of the times topic of living in a drama-fueled world. Describing the song’s context, singer Ashton Blake said, ‘”Drama” was inspired by learning about a conversation where a ‘friend’ was working hard to create animosity. It is about people creating drama and being dramatic instead of living.”

Native Sons teamed up with veteran engineer Dave Barrick (Kentucky Headhunters, Black Stone Cherry) to record the track. Discussing the recording process, bassist Jim Quiggins said, “We had these killer new songs, and we wanted to track them live, so we decided to head to Glasgow, KY, to Dave Barrick’s studio. Dave engineered, mixed, and mastered the song and provided a great creative space.”

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