New Indie Music Podcast – “Short Cuts” Ep 127
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New Indie Music Podcast – “Short Cuts” Ep 127

Preview indie music by Cult Black Venus, R E L, Jack Francis, Darren Burdis, Gramercy Arms, Stacey Ann, Ania, Toucan, Liv Andersson and Heather Mall. 

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woman in a dark room
Cult Black Venus "Burial Roses"
Cult Black Venus is the solo project of Anastasia Zelinskaya, a new emerging artist in the gothic-folk/doomgaze...
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woman with tears painted on her face
R E L "Intuition"
New music video from Los Angeles based EVOCAPOP artist R E L. Entitled "Intuition".
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man standing on the edge of a lake
Jack Francis "Failure"
Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Jack Francis invites you to ‘buckle up for the ride’ on the...
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girl looking at the night sky
Darren Burdis "Scars On Your Memories"
Darren Burdis is a UK based solo singer/songwriter and guitarist from Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
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man wearing black glasses
Gramercy Arms "After the After Party"
NYC-based Gramercy Arms presents 'After the After Party', a wistful, happy-sad power pop gem about chances...
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woman wearing funky sunglasses
Stacey Ann "Ripples"
Stacey Ann, the radiant indie/pop/soul bundle of joy from Boorloo/Perth, sparkles with the release of...
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woman playing guitar
Ania "Misery"
Ania’s musical experience has transformed from a young rock enthusiast into a trained pioneer of rock...
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man standing outside on a cloudy day
Toucan "Don't Understand Why"
Hailing from Tramore, Ireland, soul, pop and funk artist TOUCAN (aka Conor Clancy) has just released...
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woman sitting in the forest with snow
Liv Andersson "Sailor"
Listening to Liv Andersson’s music is like getting lost in a conversation at night.
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silhouette of a women's head
Heather Mall "From You To Me"
Heather Mall, a classically trained ‘songbird’ from Chicago, captivates with her unique ability to breathe...
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