Olive + Harrison “Normal, See?”
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Olive + Harrison “Normal, See?”

Whimsical by nature, the music of Olive + Harrison is as transportive as it is reflective of the moment. The duo, aptly named after singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Olive (b. Olivia Handler) and producer/engineer/vocalist/songwriter Harrison (b. Harrison Forbes Schneider), is composed of two like-minds who are musicians at their very core and dreamers at their very essence.

The pair, who first joined forces in 2015, each come from a background that was blessed by music and tarnished by tragedy. As a result, their music tackles various themes true to their respective individual experiences, authentically exposing some of the most personal moments in their lives, in hopes others will be able to relate on a deeper level.

While it is commonplace for musicians to be placed in a box, with Olive + Harrison themselves expertly weaving between the fringes of experimental hip-hop and whimsical pop, it is better served when fans let go of predetermined boundaries and allow themselves to get lost while listening, much like the creators do during their collective creative process.

Olive + Harrison, who engineer, write and produce all of their own music, explain that they created a realm for their music to live, in order to enable their deeply personal and thought-provoking art to thrive in a society designed to foster the opposite. From Harrison’s insatiable hunger to expand his knowledge and to question existential topics to Olive’s unwavering passion for living life fully and without ceilings, together the pair navigates their own duality without apology, with their music reflecting their own complexities bravely and beautifully.

As exemplified through their music and their own genuine perspectives as artists, Olive + Harrison create with intention–an increasingly rare quality you can not only hear, but can feel, with each innovative and introspective listen further solidifying their legacy.

Their new single “Normal, See?” is a raw and unfiltered track depicting the dark side of mental health struggles, depression, and the perils of hiding one’s true self. Harrison confides, “I hope “Normal See?” can shine a light on how theatrical and absurd our performance in daily life can be. The social fabric that holds our entire first world civilization together is a house of mirrors, and when that is the reality we’ve all agreed upon – I imagine the most frightening mirror is the one that reflects us as we are.”

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