Past Life Romeo “Sometimes, Most Nights”
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Past Life Romeo “Sometimes, Most Nights”

Past Life Romeo is the solo project of Camila Djadja, singer-songwriter, formerly of the rock group Sugar Pills. Camila is also known for her work with film and cinema, having produced several music videos as well as original soundtracks.

Past Life Romeo is a brand-new alternative pop project, mixing electro, hyperpop and rock. There’s melancholy and a sensuality in the writing and voice of Camila, mixed with the eclectic productions of musician Carlos Loverboy (Spill Tab, Blossoms, Myd…) who co-prouced Past Life Romeo’s first EP, and the garage drums of Jim Casanova (Annie Ada…).

This first Past Life Romeo EP, scheduled for release on 5th April, titled “You Look Just Like Me”, was recorded at Motorbass and offers a mix of analog and digital; a disk that is both organic and intimate. Throughout the EP, we find the influence of Bon Iver and Burial, but also Sega Bodega or even the pop of Lorde.

The EP was mixed by James Rand (Eartheater, Sega Bodega, LSDXOXO…) and evokes introspection and intimate questions on change, self-image, gender and sexuality.

The first track to be unveiled from the EP “Sometimes, Most Nights” is the first track Camila wrote for the new project and is the most electronic of the EP’s five tracks. The track mixes saturated guitars reminiscent of early M83, with hyperpop production elements inspired by SOPHIE and the candid, avant-garde pop of Farrah Abraham.

This track shakes up the codes of the pop song: between verse and chorus, the line is blurred. The song’s temporality is cyclical, representative of what it evokes: a relationship that goes round and round and doesn’t move forward: “We go round and round again”.

On the live side, Past Life Romeo have headlined Inrocks Super Club and recently appeared in a co-set with Felicita (PC Music) at ICI Festival with more appearances planned for this year.

Debut Past Life Romeo single “Sometimes, Most Nights” is released 14th February 2024.

Debut Past Life Romeo EP “You Look Just Like Me” will be released on 05 April 2024.

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