Pieter Herweijer “Drive”
bright pink two-story building with an old Cadillac in front

Pieter Herweijer “Drive”

Pieter is making a name for himself in the music industry with his electronic releases and DJ sets. He releases his music with his own record label “Infinity of Love”.

Pieter’s DJ sets also mainly come from his own company and trough collaborations with other companies. Pieter released more than a hundred songs and is featured many times in the music industry. To name some: Tomorrowland Radio and Radio Veronica played his single “The Promised Land”, his single “Battle Of Love” got featured by the famous DJ Luca Testa, his album “Dreams” reached the top 10 of House and Dance albums on iTunes and Apple Music in the Ukraine and his single “Lead on Maybe” reached over a 100 thousand streams on Spotify.

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