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He was born and raised in Senegal (West Africa).

PPS is as it were in work in progress, it never stops in its musical quest, it loves live and Senegalese percussions hence the name and color of its last project «MADE IN GALSEN» released in early 2019, a live project with eclectic sounds, which takes root on the continent and opens up to the world through texts addressed to young and old. The Writah is convinced that we can do hip hop in our own way.

As a conscious hip hop activist and as a parliamentarian of the people, he rapped to represent the forgotten and to talk about subjects that his ancestors still discussed in the twilight of his childhood; human values, social, the eternal struggle of conscience that governs this world and erects peoples in sustainability.

Because if there is one thing that nourishes Paul Pissety Sagna, it is the conviction to become one of the leaders of African hip hop but in Pure Product Senegalese.
He is preparing a live performance to close the year 2021 and on the same occasion his first steps towards the international market with his next album entitled “HERITAGE” scheduled for 2022. An expansion of his rap from Senegal called “Rap Wolof”.

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