Prins Olof “Le Libération”

Prins Olof “Le Libération”


Prins Olof is a multi-instrumentalist from Stockholm Sweden, ready to take over the throne.
You ´ve heard him in the Psychonaut disco quartet “NATTEN” before, and now he’s here with his first Solo Album “Le Libération”.

The whole idea for this album is to dig deep in the presence and get close to life and death.
Le Libération is recorded at his work place, one of the biggest morgues in Sweden, where He works as an autopsy technician. During his death journey He became more aware of life and its energy. Prins Olof has become obsessed with setting the magic of life and death to music with his compositions.
Close to everything you hear on Le Libération is recorded in his almost cathedral autopsy room by himself.
All of the tracks are fragments of stories that have been shared with him during sessions with people that have lost someone close to them. Prins Olof walks on wires out into the unexplored, a lone rider out at night, it’s all coming clear now…

Le Libération takes turns, no genres, music is music and nothing is forever.

Le Liberation will be released for all platforms on NadaVille Records on Friday the 13th of November 2020, feel free to contact for more info.

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