Quarry “Wild New Start”
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Quarry “Wild New Start”

The enigmatic indie rock artist QUARRY is poised to release a new four-song EP titled “RENAISSANCE” on February 2, 2024.

The four-song EP “Renaissance”, which follows the critically acclaimed album “Positioning The Sun”, reimagines post-punk and grunge vibes through Quarry’s own distinct sound and style. The songs are direct and hypnotic, blending raw energy with dreamy melodies. Quarry has created a collection of songs that is both nostalgic and modern, fusing genres of the past with a contemporary indie rock sensibility. The result is a collection of darkly melodic songs that echo the iconic era that shaped them, while staking out a sound all their own.

The central concept and recurring thread throughout the songs is an astronaut’s vision of Earth from space, contemplating and longing for humanity’s inner rebirth. “Renaissance” EP evokes strong feelings of new beginnings, healing, and the need to flee to a better (ideal) place. The multi-instrumentalist indie rock singer-songwriter masterfully combines guitar sounds—suggestive ambient and clattering distorted ones- with captivating pop hooks, thumping, tribal drums and running bass.

As Quarry explains: “The song titles, “Renaissance”, “Up On A Mountain Of A Cool World,” “Wild New Start”, and “Find A New Star”, reflect the path I was on while writing the songs. Watching peaceful lights every night on Earth, heading toward an ideal cool place where life is almost gratifying for all, feeling good and healing from worries and barriers, seeing people less focused on bending on their phones, liking and commenting whatever and mostly living other people’s lives on social media, were visions colliding in a subliminal wish of living in a less superficial, apparently comfortable and fast but definitely uncaring world. I believe this kind of yearning gave the songs a huge sense of space, both sonically and lyrically.”

_Quarry will embark on a US tour in 2024 to promote the release of his new EP. _

Quarry is the moniker of Vittorio Tolomeo, an Italian born-British adopted musician, singer-songwriter. Self-taught, he began playing the drums and guitar before joining a few bands in Italy, releasing two EP’s with indie labels and writing the theme song for a popular radio show.

Living between Milan and London, and playing across Europe both solo and with various bands, the musician released three critically acclaimed solo albums, ‘Prize Day’, ‘Super Arcade’ and the most recent “Positioning The Sun”. His notable single “Micro Plastic People” also gained attention for its exploration of the socio-environmental issue of microplastic pollution.

With his band Prizeday, Quarry has performed at festivals like The Great Escape, played a run of shows supporting Arthur Brown and premiered a short film at Cannes Film Festival. His solo material has also featured in a range of TV shows including Animal Kingdom, Top Gear, adverts for Vans and Italian film ‘La mia ombra é tua’, and garnered praise from a range of tastemaker names including Rolling Stone France who described his music as “highly contagious”.

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