Rebecca Lappa “Blue Lips”
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Rebecca Lappa “Blue Lips”

Making music since the age of 12 in her native home of Edmonton, Alberta, Rebecca Lappa released six albums in quick succession between 2011 and 2016, winning over fans and critics alike, and has been nominated five times for the prestigious Canadian Folk Music Awards.

Now Rebecca starts a new chapter, departing from the acoustic folk/rock that has distinguished her music so far, and boldly leaning into a new pop sound with her new EP ‘Tales of a Taurus’ (out May 2023). The first glimpse of it is provided with lead single “Blue Lips”- a captivating look into a ‘romantic with a hint of manic’ relationship, complete with addictive chorus, understated guitars and barely-there synths.

About Blue Lips, Rebecca says: “It’s the story of a friend who had been in a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. I used the ice and snow imagery to show the lack of care from the one person and how the other is hoping it turns into something more, but deep down knows it’s not.

One thread through the music I put out has always been about stories that were important to me. That has carried through the different genres and music that I’ve experimented with over the years. Hopefully, people will connect with them and my music will impact them.”

Born in San Francisco but raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Rebecca has been singing since childhood and plays multiple instruments. After watching Taylor Swift open for Brad Paisley, she decided “That’s like me. I want to do that.” Rebecca subsequently went on to be nominated five times for the Canadian Folk Music Awards, winning young Performer of the Year in 2015.

In 2019, Rebecca was nominated for three titles at the Edmonton Music Awards, taking home the win for Singer-Songwriter Recording of the Year. Among her previous releases are 2016’s Reckless Heart, 2017’s Spirit EP and 2019’s Unfiltered EP.

Rebecca’s forthcoming 6-track EP ‘Tales of a Taurus’ is out this May on the Tonic/Fontana label.

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