Reverend Genes “Left And Right”
man standing on the edge of a tall building at sunset

Reverend Genes “Left And Right”

Left And Right is the first single from Space Time Change. A collection of three EPs by Reverend Genes from Newcastle NSW Australia.

The first EP Space will be available November 2023 with single releases leading up to the EP at the end of the year.

We all interact with space, time and change.

Themes across the EPs cycle through beginning, aspiration, emotion, morality, conflict, learning, and ending. How does the human condition impact both us and the Earth? Why is it that our species neglects their own kind and nature? Often in favour of influencers who use followers to drive their own agendas.

Do we have the space and time to change? Would we even want to?

Reverend Genes like the Australian pub and club music tradition. We are also influenced by the wide range of music that developed in the UK and the USA throughout the 20th century. JS Bach also get endless respect and helps out with bass lines.

The Reverend Genes writing process usually starts at practice, where songs take shape as harmonies emerge from overlapping melodies during jams. Song form is the juxtaposed AB verse chorus structure common across popular music.

Production is as old school as is practical. Guitars, basses, keyboards, vocals and drums get recorded with microphones. Valve amplifiers and pre-amps are used. Post production utilizes analogue tape and summing emulation.

To do this, all that is needed is a little space, a bit of time, and lots of change poured over countless ones and zeros.

Left And Right is about Newcastle and urban development. Every day we turn left and right, engines fire, our lives go round and around, but where are we going as a species? Despite all the activity and sprawl we just consume more and more.

-Official bio

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